How Long Does A Mobile Home Last

Manufactured homes throughout the years have changed drastically. From the policies and standards put on them to the technological advancements that have been discovered. They will continue to change and morph but will they last? Will manufactured homes be able to stand up to the test of time like your standard built home? The future looks promising but let’s get into it and see how long manufactured homes actually last these days.

Through the years many standards have been passed to make sure manufactured homes can provide quality living. This really kicked up in 1976 with approval of new nation wide laws and acts. Then from there more and more standards were put in place to make them as lasting as a standard home. To the regulations of the foundation to the quality of the materials used to construct the home. The process has been refined to the “T” to where making a home in a factory is the only way to properly do it these days. Even the transportation of the unit is highly thought about so that your home can be delivered in the best quality.

Even with all these assurances in place there can still be troubles. Mainly it won’t be with the unit itself but the areas less under human control. Let’s start with the foundation. Yes, there are standards to forming the foundation but that doesn’t mean Mother Nature will comply with that. The dirt itself may not be suitable for a long lasting foundation and placing a home on top of it will affect it even more. When a home is on bad foundation all it does is cause problems shaving off time on the home. 

Next it could be with the parts of the home themselves. Leaking water pipes can affect things like the foundation and cause it to crack and or cause mildew to form on parts of the home wearing down its lifespan. If the installers do not know how to install a septic tank to a mobile home this can cause the same problems as well. Parts can also be damaged when installing the home making them expire faster than normal and once pieces stop doing their job the life of the home is affected. A lot of the issue comes from human error and even nature fighting back like thunderstorms, earthquakes etc. So lifespan can be a combination of care and luck in most cases.

The good news is these cases are minimal at best. They either happen rarely or in an accident where insurance can cover you. Besides that when a home is installed and the foundation is normal the life of a mobile home can be anywhere between 33 and 50 years according to surveys. This is incredibly long especially when noting most people don’t stay in the same home for nearly that long. So if you’re moving to Granada Villa for the long term and buying a new home you can take a breath and know that the mobile homes isn’t going bad anytime soon. 

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