Finding the Best Mobile Home Insurance

Finding the best coverage isn’t always easy. Living at lamplighter mobile home park will be different from living at cypress mobile home park. They will have different dangers and warnings you need to be covered for. We don’t want you saying “there is black mold in my mobile home what do I do?”, just because you were ill prepared. So today we are going to help you figure out how to find the best insurance for your situation.

You need to figure out if your unit is a mobile home or a modular home. This difference is that mobile homes are typically a single story home. They resemble the typical idea of what a mobile home is and what you see in movies. A manufactured home is more like a house with multiple stories and pieces that can be added on. These are more mistaken for actual homes than mobile homes. But since they are so different the insurance you need for them will be different. 

Next you need to figure out what you need to cover. Usually the physical is what is taken more seriously. Like if your home will be prone to fire damage or if your area has an abundance of lightning storms which can cause damage. You need to do research on your location and see what your property is prone to or not. There can be insurance for really any natural disaster so hail damage, water damage, wind damage, landslides etc. There is even coverage for things like vandalism and bursting pipes.

Next will be personal coverage. You can have insurance that can cover things like furniture or damage to cars while it’s on the property. These can cover repair and replacement for these items to a certain point. This is often seen in use when someone runs into your home with a vehicle or causes damage of that nature.

Then there comes liability insurance. This is to protect you from someone suing you really. If a person gets hurt on your property this will give you some coverage to get through the situation. 

As you can see there are many things that can be covered and not all things are covered at once. Some insurance will do liability coverage but not include water damage coverage. There are millions of different combinations of coverages out there so what can you do? You look at your area, you look at your situation and where you are and find out what happens around you. If your area is prone to landslides maybe you should look into that protection. Having multiple insurance company coverages is common so don’t be afraid to look into them all. Your job is to know what you are in danger of and get protected. That is the best way to find the right coverage for you. 

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