How to Clean the Inside of your Mobile Home

How to properly clean the inside of a mobile home.

It isn’t hard to keep good care of your mobile home in Los Angeles, California, but there are places in the home you must pay extra attention too.  By keeping your mobile home in quality condition, your mobile home price value can raise, keep you from saying phrases like black mold in my mobile home, and could even encourage neighbors to hold their own. 

Keeping your place clean could mean redecorating and trying new styles with your home. Most mobile homes are small enough to test out new seating arrangements and furniture while not going too far over budget. Everyone wants to keep their home in good condition. So learning some simple, but effective techniques will help keep your mobile home in tip top shape. 

Mobile homes can get dirty, scratched, and worn down like any other form of living. So,  here are some ways to clean the inside of your mobile home in case it gets dirty. 


How to clean the walls of a mobile home 

  1. Dust the walls very carefully (if your mobile home has non-coated wallpaper, then use a dry-sponge to clean it)
  2. Use Warm water, dish soap, and a sponge to clean it.


How to clean the floor of a mobile home

  1. Sweep/vacuum the floor
  2. Use a rag, bucket of water with Lestoil, Pine Sol, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or any other cleaner.
  3. Rinse and Repeat. 


How to Clean the windows of a mobile home

  1. Mix one part of hot water with distilled vinegar.

 (or you can use window cleaner)

  1. Use the Sponge to moisten the window
  2. Dry. (clean when there is no direct sun on the window)

At the end of the day, mobile home parks in California can offer great lifestyle advantages that get passed up more often than not. Besides keeping it in good condition means the price for your mobile home can increase. 

In some nightmare cases mobile homes have had bug and insect issues. These are never easy to deal with and require a special group of people to help properly dispose of the problem without harming the home or the potential value of the home. If your mobile home encounters an animal or insect problem then call a termination company immediately.

Hygiene is an important aspect of life and without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the things that we do. If you;re looking to move into a mobile home in California, then contact Sierra Corporate with any questions and information. 

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