How Much Does It Cost To Live In A Mobile Home

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If you’re looking for a more affordable lifestyle while still providing the same benefits you have now or even more, then mobile homes could be a great choice for your needs. When I mention to people that a mobile home can be a convenient way for you to live, the response is typically confused or negative. This is because many people don’t understand what it costs or are like to live in a mobile home community. 

First and foremost, a mobile home park can offer great community benefits that other traditional homes or neighborhoods cant. These communities are typically smaller, but they offer a great way for you to get out and meet new people around the community. 

As far as costs to live in a mobile home, there are many different options and factors that contribute to the answer so there is no one way to answer it. Mobile homes differ in cost largely due to location, amenities, size and park size, etc.. 

An interesting fact about mobile homes that most don’t know is that when you live in a mobile home park you still have to pay rent even if you own your own mobile home. This is because of a thing called Space Rent. Space rent is the monthly fee each month that covers your portion of the park maintenance and any community fees or park fees associated with your time at the park. 

Why do mobile homeowners charge space rent fees? Well, this is because mobile homeowners don’t usually own the mobile homes on their land, just the land on which the mobile homes sit. Space rent fees can range from $200-$5000/month depending on your location. Some more luxurious mobile home parks exist right on the beach with private homes. Others can exist on small dirt lots. 

The cost of your mobile home will largely be based on your preference and your lifestyle needs. Here are a couple of quick fun facts about mobile homes:

Fun Facts

  1. Where did mobile home come from and how did they start? During World War 2 the US Government distributed over 35,000 trailers to 8500 parks. The mobile homes were distributed to accommodate workers in the war and defense plants. 
  2. How many Americans Live in Mobile Homes? Approximately 20 million Americans live in mobile homes today. This number seems to stay relatively consistent if not increasing due to the affordability of housing in the US. 

How many mobile home parks are managed professionally? Of the 50,000+ mobile home parks in America, only 1 in 5 is managed professionally.

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