The Most Modern Mobile Home Communities in California

Have you ever considered living in a mobile home in Southern California? When someone thinks of a mobile home community or mobile home park, they typically think of places that are older and not as luxurious as a traditional home, apartment, or condo. Contrary to popular belief, some mobile home communities are extremely modern with top of the line amenities. Here are a few parks in California that host some of the world’s most exclusive mobile home parks. 

The Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park in Malibu, California offers some of the best mobile homes on the market. The Paradise Cove offers exclusive mobile homes that sell for as high as $4,000,000. That’s right. $4,000,00!  These particular mobile homes come with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, office space, dining room, living room, game rooms, and many other incredible amenities that make the mobile home worth it. 

Paradise Cove in Malibu, California

Most people wonder why you would spend millions of dollars for a mobile home, when you could just purchase a more traditional home. Well, some of the benefits that these modern mobile homes share is incredible location and community centers. These mobile homes sit right along the Pacific Coast of Malibu and are only a small walk from the beach. Movie stars, writers, screen directors, and many other artistic professionals live in these neighborhoods. 

The community culture of a mobile home can either be a great experience or a terrible one depending on your neighbors and yourself. Most mobile home parks will crackdown on the tenants if they are being too noisy or destructive to the park. If you are considering living in a mobile home park, but want to maintain a modern lifestyle while continuing to live affordably then southern California has some of the best parks to live in. 

If you’re not in the market to purchase a $4,000,000 mobile home, then we get it! (and we understand). There are many other modern mobile homes in Los Angeles and Orange County that can offer the same great amenities. For instance, mobile home parks located in Brea, Ca can provide a very exclusive and unique lifestyle. Brea is located inland so you wont have the same beach access as the previous properties, but it’s centrally located area is great for city life, beach life, while also having a nice quiet home to sleep in at night. There are endless options for a modern and exclusive lifestyle within the 4600 mobile home parks that exist and are currently active in California. 

Mobile home parks provide a great quality of life if you choose your park wisely. Always remember to check reviews, visit multiple locations, and meet some of the community so you can know whether or not purchasing a mobile home is beneficial to your lifestyle.

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