Mobile Homes – Yes or No?

So, you’re considering moving into a mobile home in the near future. Well, there’s a lot of good things as well as bad things about living in a mobile home. In America, most people look at mobile homes with a negative perspective. Which isn’t hard to see given the negative news coverage of mobile estates.

For those who don’t know, there are actually a lot of really great mobile home parks in California. For instance, this particular mobile estate park in Brea, California has many amenities beside the home itself.

Some parks have luxurious community centers, pools & spas, and even family friendly playgrounds. These parks usually have more costly space rental fees, but the quality of life you receive can easily outweigh those costs.

Take a look at this couple who transformed their old mobile estate to a more modern, luxurious, artistic home.

Another advantage of living in a mobile home is the low cost lifestyle. This helps make home buying and owning more affordable if you are anxious to purchase a home. These often allow for more flexibility in living spaces.

Although there are advantages to living in a mobile home park in California, there are also many disadvantages. For instance, mobile homes can lose value much faster than a stick built home. The second a mobile home is brought out of the factory it depreciates similarly to the way a new car would.

Mobile homes are usually placed in mobile home parks. This can be a good or bad thing. The good would be it provides a community aspect and community centers that owning a regular home wouldn’t. A negative aspect is the fact that if your home is placed in a mobile park, then you still have a landlord and fees no matter if you own that home or not. You still have to be compliant to park rules and regulations, and answer to a landlord who still has the choice to evict you regardless if you own the property or not. You would most likely be forced to sell your home or rent it out to someone else.

At the end of the day, mobile homes can be an affordable alternative to owning a home and having a great lifestyle. Depending on your wants and needs a mobile home community could be everything you need to live a comfortable life. Always make sure to do your research when considering purchasing a mobile home in California so you can way out the pros and cons and choose a lifestyle that best suits you.

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